Monday, 6 March 2017

Why still unactive even after promised activity?

Im really reaally so sorry guys... 
I know that I had promised that I will become active again.. but lot of things happened and I just couldn't find time to post there anything and when it already reached a lot of days after I posted that I will be active again I ..kinda ..ehm .. felt weird to post anything. I really didn't know how to start new article or how to apologize to you all.
But now, I will at least try to show you which stuff kept me away from this blog so you might understand me a bit.
So lately, before my spring holidays, I was mostly working on school works. Especially on one which I'm not really proud (even though I was from the start but you know, as long you look on it you slowly start to hate it #artistsproblemsno.1231241231)
So here it is. Well I can't really show you the full picture because sadly I found out that all pictures which I made of it are in really bad quality so here you have at least little sneak-peak of the ornament on it.
So as bonus I will show you my next work on which I'm working now. It's on theme "Stained Glass". Im still just carving it though, but after i will stick it on tracing-paper and tight it on board and then I will paint colors on tracing-paper. Franky, this theme sounds pretty interesting and I'm actually excited how it will end up.

But about that first work.
I wanted it to be masterpiece but meh. It's just nothing even though I was late with it and had to stay all night and finish it. (I didn't even finish it because I just died and got at least one hour of sleep). And do you know what ? When i got back to the school, the teacher just said something like "ah okay, I see that none have it done yet so you can just handle it till Friday". And I was just staring on her like ":)))))))))) please ???So you can imagine how mad I got :').. But well somehow I survived and just gave it to her on Friday finally finished. You can't imagine how mad I was on that work. I didn't even want to see it anymore because it literally took 3 days of my precious life.
So well after this preasure I kinda took some days off. Like I was just sleeping and you know. Getting my energy back. But it didn't take that long since new homeworks came and as it goes before holidays I had to take my half-year term tests. And guess what. I pretty much passed with really good grades x). So, as much i put effort to get them it again somehow took my energy out and i needed to charge so another way of sleeping and relaxing came and that was exactly on spring holidays which I was pretty much doing anything just playing some games, sleeping, spending time with my boyfriend even though he had school but sometime he found time for me for which I'm really glad. Because he is pretty much the one who could charge me back into normal Shio instead of dead corpse by being with him. Oh also !
I wanted to write something on Valentine's day since it was our 1st year anniversary with my Seb !♥ I still can't believe that it's already year since we told to each other our first "I love you." I'm really so glad to have him and of course that I will make separated new article about this day to show him what does he mean to me since he loves to read my blog. (At least I hope that he still does).
Also for those new ones who are still enjoying my blog and don't know about me that much yet I would really love to write more articles about me also my long distance relationship with Seb. Like I know that I already had wrote about it on my old blog, but I would love to write it there too so new people who would get there and would be interested about my articles could get to know about stuff more ! Also would post old article about it there too so you can just read it again,

Well. Let's say that this might be pretty much for now, I really do hope that not all sheep had disappeard from this blog and are there still waiting patiently for new articles. If yes, I really do appreciate that. But from now I promise that I will be more active. Not gonna lie again really !
Even maybe today if I will find time I will write there something again. But now I have to study physics since tomorrow we are writing test ;-;. Wish me luck!
And bye bye for now!


  1. Milá Shio, to s aktivitou už ani nerieš, tiež som v poslednom čase menej aktívna.. a dosť ma to mrzí ale škola to proste takto chce a hádať sa s nou nemá význam :(
    teším sa na všetky články, ktoré pripravuješ :)

  2. Ahoj vypadá to skvěle a těším se až to bude hotový ^^ Prolítla jsem několik článků zpět a je celkem zajímavé to jak píšeš anglicky a přesto máš české čtenáře :D Pokud spřáteluješ měla bych určitě zájem :3 Chodila bych si sem testovat své znalosti angličtiny, což by ve spojení s tvými prima články bylo super :) :D

    1. Kdybys měla zájem tak se mi ozvi ke mně - ^^