Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Pre-Christmas cookies.

I'm back again after a while. How have you been doing? I was doing kinda fine. This weekend I was just making some Christmas cookies!  Well, if I should be honest, I can't really cook ( I can make just sphagetti). Maybe once I probably mentioned it on my old blog so maybe some of  you might know that but, apparently, I can at least make cookies when I can't make normal dishes xD . (Let's just say that my boyfriend will be that one who will keep us alive by that he will cook and I will be just on another side making cookies so we can get fat together hehehehhehehe). But let's get to the cookies!
So first one are Shortbread cookies a.k.a Shortbread sheep. I just literally used sheep mold for baking for two baking pans. And then I just put them into box and put paper on it with something like "Don't thouch! My sheep. (if someone will touch them he/she won't find anything from me under Christmas tree). It seems to work since any of them didn't miss. I'm so proud on myself for this smart strategy hehe xD
But I didn't make just sheep. I used with my mom more baking Christmas molds like Snowman, Christmas tree, heart etc. We filled them with 3 or 2 different kinds of jam and then we put them in brown or white chocolate. On the end we put confetti and little sugar hearts on it. 
Well, they don't sound just yummy, they even taste yummy! Hope I could give you some. 

Oh also, I made two special shortbread heart cookies.
I made one for me and one for my boyfriend. Ah, I really wish him to be there. So he can eat it with me. But I promised him that I will make new ones when he will come here to me for the first time. (just 53 days left until that though ><♥♥)

So, I think that I already said a lot about this kind of cookies which I made. 

The next one are Vintage Chocolate chip cookies.  These aren't really for Christmas but whatever. I really do love chocolate chip cookies like really so much. They are my favourite! So why shouldn't I make them right? 
Well, my first try was like few weeks or month ago? I don't remember but they were bigger than these ones and were a lot sweeter than these ones. I like those more than before. They exactly taste like Milka cookies! (Even though I didn't try them yet, I can just smell that they taste like that. Even my parents told me that they taste like that so). Well, all I can just say to those ones is just they have better shape than before ..or...they just looks better in general! I really can't wait to eat them. This week I will definitely convince myself to eat them. I promise. 

Here is better picture of them. They look soo yummy don't they?♥
Well, I really do hope that you enjoyed this kinda long article. Also hope you had nice day today and finally got all Christmas presents. (Not like me)
I wish you Goodnight and,

See you next time!


  1. Ty že umíš jen špagety? Oy oy oy však to vypadá uplně lahodně :3 jakože- dal bych si hned. A ty srdíčka jsou pěkné, ale nevím jestli se ti je bude chtít dělat znova hele xD
    Uplně na to mám chut ale já jsem fakt levej na pečení >w< mm
    (doufám, že nevadí že komentuju v češtině :c >> )
    Užívej vánoc :3

    1. yup bohužial ;-; .. hehe som rada že sa ti ľúbia a že som ti spravila chute cx (to bol zámer c:<) a ako piecť ma baví už som urobila znovu cookies lebo sa pomaly míňali tak trebalo doplňiť zásobu xD ~ nup vôbec nevadí C: taktiež ďakujem a uži si ich nápodobne! :3