Sunday, 4 December 2016

First time of making sushi !

Good evening cupcakes,
Yesterday my parents finally found the last missing part for sushi - smoked salmon.
So today, I decided that I will make my first own homemade sushi as lunch! Well, the last time when I was making homemade sushi was so many years ago when my friend Sophia was sleeping in my house and we decided to make sushi together. She was making it and I was helping a bit. So i really didn't make it, she did cx.
So i can say, that I never did it before alone. I was searching for insipration how to make it in Sophia's article where she wrote about sushi and her tutorial really did help me ! But I still kinda needed to watch some videos to make sure that I'm doing it correctly.

And voilĂ  ~ 
I made it ! It was kinda hard because I didn't have thingy with which you can easily roll it. But, I found solution for this and just roll it without any problem.
They were really good! Even though the look of them isn't perfect as it should be but, I was doing it for the first time so there wasn't chance that I will make it perfectly. But I still loved them! 
The only negative thing was that, I bought really bad soy sauce with bitter taste ... It just ruined taste of the sushi so I was eating it without it but, I really did miss something to eat it with. Well, next time I will know that I should buy another kind of soy sauce hehe. Or maybe next time I should find and buy pickled ginger or wasabi paste. I will try. 
Also if you are interested of making sushi go and check Sophia's blog and her article about sushi! I really do recommend you that. (Here is the link:

So, I hope that you enjoyed this article. I'm really happy to be active again on blog! You don't know how much I missed it. I just really didn't have time in those days (not like I have now I still need to do some stuff) but, I finally find time on you sheep! And I hope that I will have even more time for you on my winter vacation which will be soon. So for now,

Have a great day, see you tomorrow! 

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