Wednesday, 7 December 2016

The annoying Wednesday.

Am I the only one who hates Wednesdays so much? Like, if I didn't have lot of shits in school, I wouldn't mind Wednesdays at all. This day, I needed to survive 8 lessons in school from which 6 lessons were about drawing. I'm in Art School, so it's kinda normal there, but I wasn't really into mood of drawing today. I was even so tired , that I basically looked all day like this:
I just wanted to lie down and sleep, but teachers didn't want to let me *tears*.
So first of all, I came to school and survived first two lessons of supplied English (where even teacher ,who was about to supply, left us alone) and Physics. I was so bored on those lessons, because in this time in the morning, I usually start to annoy my boyfriend by writing to him, but today he didn't go to the school (fgt) and was sleeping for too long that he wasn't up yet. (I know he deserves kick for that). 

Next two lessons were about figural drawing. On this lesson my mood kinda came back, because I just love draw stuff there. Our theme there now is draw to portrait of each person in my department on drawing stands. It's just soooo fun. Today we were drawing one girl, who has dreads and wears so much of make up on her face (mostly on eyes). It was so damn hard to draw it, but she did it on purpose that she was making model today. She wanted to kinda "piss us off". xD But, I really did enjoy it. It kinda looked like this:
Well, I would love to show you my full work of her, but I made really bad picture. So you wouldn't see it properly. But I can tell you that she loved my work, because it really looked like her in the end. I was really proud on this work ! Maybe once, when I will get my work back from teacher, I will show you that. 

After my lovable Figural Drawing, I and another ones needed to move to the another building. (My school is made of two buildings. Each one is on different street. The main building looks like shit but the second building is new and I just like to be there more than on main building. To get to the second building it takes like 1O-15 minutes.) 
There we had 4 lessons of errrr I actually can't translate it into english but it's something like "artist's preparation". Well, since we made lot of works already, we needed to make frames on them. So something like this : 

You can actually see there my two works which was typography cx. I was really proud about that Marilyin which I made hehe. And well the second work was something like "calligraphy" but it's soo hard to see it. Name of the full work was "Font" or something like that.

We started to make those stuff last week and today we continued in it. But ah man, this thingy is literally math.. What else could I wish in my life than more math in my school right? *another round of tears*. But as true perfectionist, I just made 2 frames of 8. I even fucked one , because I forgot on one important thing what I needed to do. Well, never mind. It was just boring as hell. I'm really so glad that I'm already home, sitting behind laptop and writing this instead of doing that. But sadly, next time I need to bring all my works to home and make it all there. *third round of tears (?)*

Well, this might has been my day in nutshell. What about you sheep? How was your day? 
Also thank you for reading this long article. Hope you enjoyed it and didn't get bored of it. I just wanted to show you one of my typical days in school.

(Oh and I forgot. Today I finally ordered that maid dress hehehehhe ~)

See you next time! 


  1. To som ja Reita-chan XD neviem ako zmeniť prezívku T_R
    Článok ma vôbec nenudil :D naopak pekne ma precvičil v ajine XD a aspoň viem (nie Reito ti to vieš už dávno že si v ajine veľké hovno) že moja ajina stojí za hovno XD. No je to veľmi pekný článok a tak trochu ti závidím :3 chodíš do umeleckej školy T_T aj ja som chcela..... prežila si dosť ťažký deň ale ver prídu aj ťažšie tak hlavu hore XD.
    PS: iste rada ostanem SB ak máš záujem aj ty XD.

    1. Well, je tu celkom dosť divný spôsobom s týmito prezývkami a tak xD nom snáď nevadí ;-;
      aww tak to som rada! c: a naaah xD ťa ju postupom časom naučím cez moje články :D ber to ako také mále "doučovanie" :^)
      Ah kebyže môžem tak veľmi rada zmením umeleckú , aj ja som vždy chcela chodiť na umeleckú len táto škola je literally cancer na ktorú momentálne chodím :c a yush uvedomujem si že prídu aj ťažšie dni ale , ale ...ja nechceeem xD

      Samozrejme že mám stále záujem o SB a som rada taktiež že máš záujem ostať ako SB nadaľej c:♥