Monday, 5 December 2016

My Birthday.

How were you doing today sheep ? I was doing great. Because .. I have birthday today! yay.
So today I finally  turned 16. To be honest, I don't really feel that i had grew up or something, If I should be honest, I feel like I'm still in 6th grade on Elementary school. Kinda weird right? But I just feel like it.

Well anyway, I would love to tell you everything what happened today so prepare for kinda long article hehe.

So first of all. In night, exactly some minutes after midnight, I was spending time with my boyfriend while I was making my work for a school. When we decided that I will finish it in the morning and that we will go to bed, few seconds before ending of call, he wished me Happy Birthday as first. And aww, nothing made me so happy as I was in that moment. It even gave me tears into my eyes from happiness >< (I know, I know, I'm really sensitive but it was just so cute!)

I woke up kind of early because I had to finish that work for a school also I just kinda wanted to be everything perfect so I wanted prepare everything so I wouldn't be late and stuff.

I dress into my one of favourite skirts (the one which looks mostly into lolita style) and put on black pantyhose and black long socks with 3 white stripes on the top. When I was fully prepared, I was ready for going to school (no I wasn't).
And oh, I forgot to mention that my mom was the second person who wished me "happy birthday" before she left to the work.

When I got to the school my classmates wished me happy birthday and one guy from my class was like "Oh you have a birthday today? Hmm.. I should have buy you chocolate or something ...or ! I can just buy you Cat's Tongues!" (I really do hope that you know this kind of chocolate bars sheep). And I was just like "naaah" and guess what. He really did go to the shop on main break and bought it for me xD. Well, I love chocolate so I didn't really resist hehehe.
Also tomorrow is pretty much Mikuláš (Those who don't know, Its the guy who looks exactly like Santa Claus and on 6th December he is going from house to house and he is giving candies to the kid's cleaned boots. It's just one of the tradition there.) so one anothe guy from my class promised me that he will buy me chocolate with an angel on it. (Chocolates with angels and Mikuláš are getting those ones who were all year good and chocolate with devil are getting those kids whose were bad all year so I apparently I was good when I will get chocolate with angel hehehhe).

Well, all day I was just getting cute messages from my friends, old/new clasmates, family where they were wishing me "happy birthday". I was just so happy really. I even got lot of chocolates when I got home from my grandparents, later from my parents too.

When I got home I decided to spend this "special" day with my boyfriend so I was talking with him on Skype since I came home till now. We are still in call though, spending time together. He is just playing and I'm writing on this blog. I would really love to do something with him but there isn't really much what we can do right now. But we are at least talking hehe♥

Oh, also! When we started our call I decided to eat cake which my mom made for me. It was creamy cake with fruits. I loved it so much! But my belly did hurt after it because I had lot of sweet stuff today.

Aaand the cake looked like this: 
It looks so yummy right? And it sure was ! 

Well, then just my parents came home and they were the last one's who gave me chocolate and also a gift! I got pink plushie pony from them xD It has big head and really small body but it looks so cute! Also they promised me that I can order maid dress for Rem from Re Zero hehehheh. Also I want to order more than that. But it's kinda secret what hehe.

So, as you can see I enjoyed my day so much. What about you sheep? Have you had good day today? Don't be scared to tell me. You can just write me about it down in the comments. I would love to read it!

I think that the rest of my day I will just spend with my boyfriend. Hope you enjoyed this long article sheep. But for now, 

Bye Bye.

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