Tuesday, 13 December 2016


Good evening,
So as I said yesterday. Today I had matriculation. Well, maybe it means something different in some countries, but in Slovakia it's meant like 3st grade students are making competitions for the 1st grade students also they choose one theme and the 1st grade students need to dress like it. We were supposed to dress like zombies and needed to learn dance choreography so we could join competition between us and another 1st grade class FO. 

Everyone were stressed but who wouldn't be if they needed to emberessed themselves by dancing awkward choreography on stupid song in front of 2nd, 3th, 4th students right? 
So as first, I came to school dressed in teared black pantyhose, black longsocks with 3 white stripes, black shorts and white shirt. I was freezing so hard outside but I suprisingly survived. But even before I came to school, I had to arrive to the city where I met with my friend who was supposed to do make-up on me, but she didn't have really time for it because she had normal lesson. So she borrowed me her fake blood and latex. So I made make-up by myself. It wasn't that bad though. 
Here you have two pictures in which you can see how did I look. On the first picture you can see down of it, but later in school I added blood on it so it looked even more better than there.
On the second picture it was already after matriculation, when I was sitting in the bus, embarassed af because I looked like this. I didn't have so much time for washing it in school because my bus was going early so I just straightly went on bus station after.

But well I already jumped to part when I already went on bus. But you might be asking, what were you actually been doing there? Didn't you forget to tell us about the main thing what you were doing? Yep, true. I will tell you about that now. So, go grab some food, get comy. I'm going to tell you story about this "magical" day.

So, after I did make-up and ruined my shirt with fake blood, we needed to move to another school which is next us. We needed to go there because our school doesn't have gym just small room what we call "gym" but it wouldn't be enough, so they decided to make it on this school's gym. It was Agricultural high school. And man, as the name is saying there was really stinking manure there. Like really so much .. Well, but I survived it. In the gym it wasn't that stinking so much. There was just cold. I was trembling because of it. I had just thin shirt so I shouldn't be suprised I guess.

Well if I should be honest the program wasn't that bad when it started. Everything just kinda became better after our dance failure. (Yes, as we arrived we needed to straightly go dance it after little training before it.) After us the 1st FO went dance and really, they choreography was just worse than ours so we were on 1OO% sure that we will win against them in this. As next after dancing were little disciplines what we needed to do. The moderators a.k.a maybe the funniest (?) guys from 3st grade class were choosing students from our and another 1st class. They even chose me once. I was "fighting" against one grill and we needed to make paper plane and whose will fly furthest will win. Guess who won? Of course me. She couldn't even make paper plane xD. It just looked 'like rectangle so, it was obvious that it won't fly not even 4 centimeters. But the classmates were cute. They were just saying "Shio, shio, shio" to encourage me while I was making it. 
Well, another disciplines which was doing my classmates were kinda stupid but also funny. From all of them we got more points than another class. And I can clearly say that everyone already knew that we will win the whole meaning of matriculation. (Oh I forgot the mention. The main prize was that which class will win will make matriculation when we will be in 3th grade for anothe new students.) 
But guess what? We unfairly lost. Why? Because not all of our class were dancing or weren't looking like zombies. So we basically lost because of them. What can I just say about it. It's sad. But I at least got chocolate so I really didn't care that much hehehehhehehehhehehe.(Or ah. Maybe it little bit bothered me but not that much.)
So yeah, I guess this was all what happened on my matriculation. On one side it was funny but on the other one nah. But I can't say that I didn't enjoy it. 

(Also here is one more "detailed" picture of my "costume" so you can see it before I completly destroyed it. And now, one minute of silence for this cute shirt which died today. Yep, I really do regret that I destroyed it. But well, whatever.)
Aaand on the next picture you can see my prize. It wouldn't be me if I didn't flaunt my chocolate hehehehehe. (Hope that I gave you feel like you want chocolate too c:<)
So, I hope you did enjoyed this long article. How was your day though? Don't be afraid to tell me. Also I really do hope that you survived this day as I did.
Have a nice evening and,
See you later.

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