Monday, 6 March 2017

Why still unactive even after promised activity?

Im really reaally so sorry guys... 
I know that I had promised that I will become active again.. but lot of things happened and I just couldn't find time to post there anything and when it already reached a lot of days after I posted that I will be active again I ..kinda ..ehm .. felt weird to post anything. I really didn't know how to start new article or how to apologize to you all.
But now, I will at least try to show you which stuff kept me away from this blog so you might understand me a bit.
So lately, before my spring holidays, I was mostly working on school works. Especially on one which I'm not really proud (even though I was from the start but you know, as long you look on it you slowly start to hate it #artistsproblemsno.1231241231)
So here it is. Well I can't really show you the full picture because sadly I found out that all pictures which I made of it are in really bad quality so here you have at least little sneak-peak of the ornament on it.
So as bonus I will show you my next work on which I'm working now. It's on theme "Stained Glass". Im still just carving it though, but after i will stick it on tracing-paper and tight it on board and then I will paint colors on tracing-paper. Franky, this theme sounds pretty interesting and I'm actually excited how it will end up.

But about that first work.
I wanted it to be masterpiece but meh. It's just nothing even though I was late with it and had to stay all night and finish it. (I didn't even finish it because I just died and got at least one hour of sleep). And do you know what ? When i got back to the school, the teacher just said something like "ah okay, I see that none have it done yet so you can just handle it till Friday". And I was just staring on her like ":)))))))))) please ???So you can imagine how mad I got :').. But well somehow I survived and just gave it to her on Friday finally finished. You can't imagine how mad I was on that work. I didn't even want to see it anymore because it literally took 3 days of my precious life.
So well after this preasure I kinda took some days off. Like I was just sleeping and you know. Getting my energy back. But it didn't take that long since new homeworks came and as it goes before holidays I had to take my half-year term tests. And guess what. I pretty much passed with really good grades x). So, as much i put effort to get them it again somehow took my energy out and i needed to charge so another way of sleeping and relaxing came and that was exactly on spring holidays which I was pretty much doing anything just playing some games, sleeping, spending time with my boyfriend even though he had school but sometime he found time for me for which I'm really glad. Because he is pretty much the one who could charge me back into normal Shio instead of dead corpse by being with him. Oh also !
I wanted to write something on Valentine's day since it was our 1st year anniversary with my Seb !♥ I still can't believe that it's already year since we told to each other our first "I love you." I'm really so glad to have him and of course that I will make separated new article about this day to show him what does he mean to me since he loves to read my blog. (At least I hope that he still does).
Also for those new ones who are still enjoying my blog and don't know about me that much yet I would really love to write more articles about me also my long distance relationship with Seb. Like I know that I already had wrote about it on my old blog, but I would love to write it there too so new people who would get there and would be interested about my articles could get to know about stuff more ! Also would post old article about it there too so you can just read it again,

Well. Let's say that this might be pretty much for now, I really do hope that not all sheep had disappeard from this blog and are there still waiting patiently for new articles. If yes, I really do appreciate that. But from now I promise that I will be more active. Not gonna lie again really !
Even maybe today if I will find time I will write there something again. But now I have to study physics since tomorrow we are writing test ;-;. Wish me luck!
And bye bye for now!

Sunday, 12 February 2017


Um hello,
Well, it has been time since I posted something and I really truly do apologize for that. But you know have it's going after hitting new year. I kinda couldn't find time for this blog since new things has came which I had to finish or make. Or another reason might be that I was lazy as fuck. I really do regret that I was and I'm sorry for that again. 
But the good news are that I'm back with a kinda lot of ideas for another articles ! So maybe just give me a little time and I will again make things back to the normal again. I promise. I won't abandon you again my dear readers. ( or should I say sheep? hehe). Also I really hope that you didn't leave this blog yet.
So, tomorrow you can expect new article also on Tuesday. After those two days I want to make it like that every 4th day I will add new article. Kinda wanted to make this system for a while. So I hope that you will enjoy my blog better from now.

Also I hope that you had great New Year and that you finally got used to into new things which this year had brought with itself.
I wish you to have nice evening and luck for tomorrow's day! 
See you tomorrow.

Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Merry Christmas and happy Holidays!

Well, I know that's it's a bit late already but I still wanted to wish you to have nice Christmas and Holidays! Hope you did enjoyed it and got lot of presents as well. (Don't be shy to tell me what did you get as presents I'm kinda curious!)

Soo what were I doing in the past few days also what did I get on Christmas? 
I wasn't doing really anything. All the precious time I was spending with my family as every year on and before Christmas. We went to see my family members (yesterday) also on Friday we are planning to go visit my cousins. Ah, I just find this boring as hell since my cousins are little and I need to spend time with them and play with them ;-;. It's annoying but I will try to survive it I guess.
But this isn't that really interesting to be honest. Let's get on the part what I was doing on Christmas and what did I get hehehehe

This time on Christas I tried to sleep a lot as I could. I wanted to wake up late so I didn't need to wait for dinner 2131432 hours. (Actually I was mostly excited on getting food xD I just really love food which every family have on Christmas. Like mayonnaise salad, fish, cakes it was just asdhajsdljkajdkaldôas. But now I had enough of it. As that much that I don't want to hear anything about that food anymore :c.) So I woke up like 3 hours before dinner. I was just lying in the bed until that.
After food and 2 hours of boring talking of my parents and grandparents we went to open our presents! This year I wished for new mobile because my old one was just ..meh. It was really old and slow so I needed new. But oh! I should mention that my parents tried to lie to me that they couldn't buy it before Christmas so I won't get it exactly on that day but on Tuesday. But I tried to just play like I believe them. I knew that it was lie since they used the same lie last year for another present ._.
So "suprisingy" I found it under Christmas tree. But instead of that I found there lot of clothes (with cats hehehe), anti-stress color book (actually I really wanted this thing!), cosmetic, money. It was enough for me and I can say that I was happy that I got all this stuff!
Yep. I think that this might be all for what happened in that day.
So I hope that you enjoyed Christmas as well. As I wrote earlier, I would love to know too what did you get on Christmas or what were you doing so don't be scared to write it to me! I would like to read it.

Oh wait a minute. I wanted to show you something what I made today before you will finish reading this article. As you might know, I'm in long distance relationship right? And I'm actually spending money to get to the Denmark and see my boyfriend one day. I'm planning to go there on summer break. So, I made this little thingy where Im putting money which I'm spending there!

Hope you like it too as I do!

So, I wish you happy Holidays and Happy New Year! I will try to add new article soon as it is possible. For now,
Have a nice day and goodbye.

Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Pre-Christmas cookies.

I'm back again after a while. How have you been doing? I was doing kinda fine. This weekend I was just making some Christmas cookies!  Well, if I should be honest, I can't really cook ( I can make just sphagetti). Maybe once I probably mentioned it on my old blog so maybe some of  you might know that but, apparently, I can at least make cookies when I can't make normal dishes xD . (Let's just say that my boyfriend will be that one who will keep us alive by that he will cook and I will be just on another side making cookies so we can get fat together hehehehhehehe). But let's get to the cookies!
So first one are Shortbread cookies a.k.a Shortbread sheep. I just literally used sheep mold for baking for two baking pans. And then I just put them into box and put paper on it with something like "Don't thouch! My sheep. (if someone will touch them he/she won't find anything from me under Christmas tree). It seems to work since any of them didn't miss. I'm so proud on myself for this smart strategy hehe xD
But I didn't make just sheep. I used with my mom more baking Christmas molds like Snowman, Christmas tree, heart etc. We filled them with 3 or 2 different kinds of jam and then we put them in brown or white chocolate. On the end we put confetti and little sugar hearts on it. 
Well, they don't sound just yummy, they even taste yummy! Hope I could give you some. 

Oh also, I made two special shortbread heart cookies.
I made one for me and one for my boyfriend. Ah, I really wish him to be there. So he can eat it with me. But I promised him that I will make new ones when he will come here to me for the first time. (just 53 days left until that though ><♥♥)

So, I think that I already said a lot about this kind of cookies which I made. 

The next one are Vintage Chocolate chip cookies.  These aren't really for Christmas but whatever. I really do love chocolate chip cookies like really so much. They are my favourite! So why shouldn't I make them right? 
Well, my first try was like few weeks or month ago? I don't remember but they were bigger than these ones and were a lot sweeter than these ones. I like those more than before. They exactly taste like Milka cookies! (Even though I didn't try them yet, I can just smell that they taste like that. Even my parents told me that they taste like that so). Well, all I can just say to those ones is just they have better shape than before ..or...they just looks better in general! I really can't wait to eat them. This week I will definitely convince myself to eat them. I promise. 

Here is better picture of them. They look soo yummy don't they?♥
Well, I really do hope that you enjoyed this kinda long article. Also hope you had nice day today and finally got all Christmas presents. (Not like me)
I wish you Goodnight and,

See you next time!

Tuesday, 13 December 2016


Good evening,
So as I said yesterday. Today I had matriculation. Well, maybe it means something different in some countries, but in Slovakia it's meant like 3st grade students are making competitions for the 1st grade students also they choose one theme and the 1st grade students need to dress like it. We were supposed to dress like zombies and needed to learn dance choreography so we could join competition between us and another 1st grade class FO. 

Everyone were stressed but who wouldn't be if they needed to emberessed themselves by dancing awkward choreography on stupid song in front of 2nd, 3th, 4th students right? 
So as first, I came to school dressed in teared black pantyhose, black longsocks with 3 white stripes, black shorts and white shirt. I was freezing so hard outside but I suprisingly survived. But even before I came to school, I had to arrive to the city where I met with my friend who was supposed to do make-up on me, but she didn't have really time for it because she had normal lesson. So she borrowed me her fake blood and latex. So I made make-up by myself. It wasn't that bad though. 
Here you have two pictures in which you can see how did I look. On the first picture you can see down of it, but later in school I added blood on it so it looked even more better than there.
On the second picture it was already after matriculation, when I was sitting in the bus, embarassed af because I looked like this. I didn't have so much time for washing it in school because my bus was going early so I just straightly went on bus station after.

But well I already jumped to part when I already went on bus. But you might be asking, what were you actually been doing there? Didn't you forget to tell us about the main thing what you were doing? Yep, true. I will tell you about that now. So, go grab some food, get comy. I'm going to tell you story about this "magical" day.

So, after I did make-up and ruined my shirt with fake blood, we needed to move to another school which is next us. We needed to go there because our school doesn't have gym just small room what we call "gym" but it wouldn't be enough, so they decided to make it on this school's gym. It was Agricultural high school. And man, as the name is saying there was really stinking manure there. Like really so much .. Well, but I survived it. In the gym it wasn't that stinking so much. There was just cold. I was trembling because of it. I had just thin shirt so I shouldn't be suprised I guess.

Well if I should be honest the program wasn't that bad when it started. Everything just kinda became better after our dance failure. (Yes, as we arrived we needed to straightly go dance it after little training before it.) After us the 1st FO went dance and really, they choreography was just worse than ours so we were on 1OO% sure that we will win against them in this. As next after dancing were little disciplines what we needed to do. The moderators a.k.a maybe the funniest (?) guys from 3st grade class were choosing students from our and another 1st class. They even chose me once. I was "fighting" against one grill and we needed to make paper plane and whose will fly furthest will win. Guess who won? Of course me. She couldn't even make paper plane xD. It just looked 'like rectangle so, it was obvious that it won't fly not even 4 centimeters. But the classmates were cute. They were just saying "Shio, shio, shio" to encourage me while I was making it. 
Well, another disciplines which was doing my classmates were kinda stupid but also funny. From all of them we got more points than another class. And I can clearly say that everyone already knew that we will win the whole meaning of matriculation. (Oh I forgot the mention. The main prize was that which class will win will make matriculation when we will be in 3th grade for anothe new students.) 
But guess what? We unfairly lost. Why? Because not all of our class were dancing or weren't looking like zombies. So we basically lost because of them. What can I just say about it. It's sad. But I at least got chocolate so I really didn't care that much hehehehhehehehhehehe.(Or ah. Maybe it little bit bothered me but not that much.)
So yeah, I guess this was all what happened on my matriculation. On one side it was funny but on the other one nah. But I can't say that I didn't enjoy it. 

(Also here is one more "detailed" picture of my "costume" so you can see it before I completly destroyed it. And now, one minute of silence for this cute shirt which died today. Yep, I really do regret that I destroyed it. But well, whatever.)
Aaand on the next picture you can see my prize. It wouldn't be me if I didn't flaunt my chocolate hehehehehe. (Hope that I gave you feel like you want chocolate too c:<)
So, I hope you did enjoyed this long article. How was your day though? Don't be afraid to tell me. Also I really do hope that you survived this day as I did.
Have a nice evening and,
See you later.

The start of week.

Hello cupcakes,
So it's been kinda while since I added something and I'm sorry for it. But, I think you would rather wait a while and get something good and interesting to read than got articles everyday about every stupid thing which come to my mind I guess.

So, the new week is ahead of us. Sadly. But, just this week and half and most of us will have winter vacation right? So let's connect our powers and let's survive it together! *Christmas hype*
Well, this week kinda won't be interesting for me. You know, it's all about the same. School , homeworks, unexpected naps etc.
But if I should be honest, the start of this week relieved my sweetest boyfriend♥. Yesterday, we kinda decided to watch anime together. Or better say, firstly we were about to watch film and it took to someone choose one film 4216317852 hours right? c: But we found the way to solve our problem and decided for anime. We watched "The seven deadly sins". (I highly recommend you this). We were watching it in bed together while we were talking throught skype. And aww, it just reminded me old times as we used to spend nights together like this on summer vacation ><. I just loved it even though I needed to wake up early in the morning and go to the school (he didn't need to because he had free day) and I can say, that it was really worth to be tired because I really did enjoyed this with him♥.

Well maybe for you it doesn't mean so much as for me, but I really did want to mention this and tell you about this as well.

Even today we spent day together. In evening when he was done with his homework we just called each other (I did call right, right?) and was talking and playing Overwatch together after long time. I really did miss playing with him. Since he became diamond in this game, I couldn´t play with him anymore ._. But, he made smurf account, so he can play with me again hehe♥. Well, but from Wednesday we won't be able to spend time together so much as we could now. He needs to do project for school which takes week and is really important for his grades. So everyone wish him a good luck!

Oh maybe I did say that nothing interesting won't happen this week but I should correct myself. Actually something interesting might happen tomorrow. On my school, 1st grade classes will have matriculation (also me). Ah well what can I say. I'm really so scared about it. My class and me needed to learn dance because our theme is "zombies" and we needed to learn dance choreography on song "Thriller" from Michael Jackson. But why we needed to learn it? Well, we are in one competition against 1.FO class (I'm in 1.GRV) and who will win, will make matriculation for the next 1st grade classes. I can just tell you now that we won't win it even though we tried so hard expect of some. Actually it's really sad that from 2O something people just 9 or 1O are coming there. But well, what can I do about it right? It's their problem, they won't have good memories I don't care.

(Still the main reason why I'm going there is just food and cakes hehehhehehhehehehehhe.) 
Well, I will try to make some pictures tomorrow and will write something about it there! It kinda might be fun. My friend from 2nd class will make make up of zombie on me early in the morning also will help me choose clothes so I'm really curious what she can do. I really do count on her!

Well, sheep. I just wish you to have nice week. Hope you enjoyed this article, also I really do hope that you had nice Monday.

See you tomorrow!

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

The annoying Wednesday.

Am I the only one who hates Wednesdays so much? Like, if I didn't have lot of shits in school, I wouldn't mind Wednesdays at all. This day, I needed to survive 8 lessons in school from which 6 lessons were about drawing. I'm in Art School, so it's kinda normal there, but I wasn't really into mood of drawing today. I was even so tired , that I basically looked all day like this:
I just wanted to lie down and sleep, but teachers didn't want to let me *tears*.
So first of all, I came to school and survived first two lessons of supplied English (where even teacher ,who was about to supply, left us alone) and Physics. I was so bored on those lessons, because in this time in the morning, I usually start to annoy my boyfriend by writing to him, but today he didn't go to the school (fgt) and was sleeping for too long that he wasn't up yet. (I know he deserves kick for that). 

Next two lessons were about figural drawing. On this lesson my mood kinda came back, because I just love draw stuff there. Our theme there now is draw to portrait of each person in my department on drawing stands. It's just soooo fun. Today we were drawing one girl, who has dreads and wears so much of make up on her face (mostly on eyes). It was so damn hard to draw it, but she did it on purpose that she was making model today. She wanted to kinda "piss us off". xD But, I really did enjoy it. It kinda looked like this:
Well, I would love to show you my full work of her, but I made really bad picture. So you wouldn't see it properly. But I can tell you that she loved my work, because it really looked like her in the end. I was really proud on this work ! Maybe once, when I will get my work back from teacher, I will show you that. 

After my lovable Figural Drawing, I and another ones needed to move to the another building. (My school is made of two buildings. Each one is on different street. The main building looks like shit but the second building is new and I just like to be there more than on main building. To get to the second building it takes like 1O-15 minutes.) 
There we had 4 lessons of errrr I actually can't translate it into english but it's something like "artist's preparation". Well, since we made lot of works already, we needed to make frames on them. So something like this : 

You can actually see there my two works which was typography cx. I was really proud about that Marilyin which I made hehe. And well the second work was something like "calligraphy" but it's soo hard to see it. Name of the full work was "Font" or something like that.

We started to make those stuff last week and today we continued in it. But ah man, this thingy is literally math.. What else could I wish in my life than more math in my school right? *another round of tears*. But as true perfectionist, I just made 2 frames of 8. I even fucked one , because I forgot on one important thing what I needed to do. Well, never mind. It was just boring as hell. I'm really so glad that I'm already home, sitting behind laptop and writing this instead of doing that. But sadly, next time I need to bring all my works to home and make it all there. *third round of tears (?)*

Well, this might has been my day in nutshell. What about you sheep? How was your day? 
Also thank you for reading this long article. Hope you enjoyed it and didn't get bored of it. I just wanted to show you one of my typical days in school.

(Oh and I forgot. Today I finally ordered that maid dress hehehehhe ~)

See you next time!