Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Merry Christmas and happy Holidays!

Well, I know that's it's a bit late already but I still wanted to wish you to have nice Christmas and Holidays! Hope you did enjoyed it and got lot of presents as well. (Don't be shy to tell me what did you get as presents I'm kinda curious!)

Soo what were I doing in the past few days also what did I get on Christmas? 
I wasn't doing really anything. All the precious time I was spending with my family as every year on and before Christmas. We went to see my family members (yesterday) also on Friday we are planning to go visit my cousins. Ah, I just find this boring as hell since my cousins are little and I need to spend time with them and play with them ;-;. It's annoying but I will try to survive it I guess.
But this isn't that really interesting to be honest. Let's get on the part what I was doing on Christmas and what did I get hehehehe

This time on Christas I tried to sleep a lot as I could. I wanted to wake up late so I didn't need to wait for dinner 2131432 hours. (Actually I was mostly excited on getting food xD I just really love food which every family have on Christmas. Like mayonnaise salad, fish, cakes it was just asdhajsdljkajdkald├┤as. But now I had enough of it. As that much that I don't want to hear anything about that food anymore :c.) So I woke up like 3 hours before dinner. I was just lying in the bed until that.
After food and 2 hours of boring talking of my parents and grandparents we went to open our presents! This year I wished for new mobile because my old one was just ..meh. It was really old and slow so I needed new. But oh! I should mention that my parents tried to lie to me that they couldn't buy it before Christmas so I won't get it exactly on that day but on Tuesday. But I tried to just play like I believe them. I knew that it was lie since they used the same lie last year for another present ._.
So "suprisingy" I found it under Christmas tree. But instead of that I found there lot of clothes (with cats hehehe), anti-stress color book (actually I really wanted this thing!), cosmetic, money. It was enough for me and I can say that I was happy that I got all this stuff!
Yep. I think that this might be all for what happened in that day.
So I hope that you enjoyed Christmas as well. As I wrote earlier, I would love to know too what did you get on Christmas or what were you doing so don't be scared to write it to me! I would like to read it.

Oh wait a minute. I wanted to show you something what I made today before you will finish reading this article. As you might know, I'm in long distance relationship right? And I'm actually spending money to get to the Denmark and see my boyfriend one day. I'm planning to go there on summer break. So, I made this little thingy where Im putting money which I'm spending there!

Hope you like it too as I do!

So, I wish you happy Holidays and Happy New Year! I will try to add new article soon as it is possible. For now,
Have a nice day and goodbye.

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