Sunday, 4 December 2016

Introduction or who is the mysterious Shio?

I decided to write something little about myself again so new people whose will come here can know about myself something too!

So, my name is Tatiana, but I prefer when people call me Shio or Shiori. I don't know why. Once i set this nickname and people just get know me by that and also started call me like that. Also it sounds better than my name I guess. I'm 15 years old but tomorrow i will have 16 hehehehhehehehe (big girl already).

I live in really small country called Slovakia. If I should be honest I would straightly say that I hate this country. I just hope that once I will leave. (dreams)
But maybe you might ask, why I'm writing this blog in english when I'm Slovak ? I just find english better than slovak language also I'm trying to learn it better by that I'm writing in it. But it's not the main reason to be honest. The main reason is that my boyfriend isn't from Slovakia and he wouldn't understand anything if I was writing in slovak language. Also it was his idea that I should make blog. So basically, I'm doing it for him also for my own joy when I have time. And of course I do it for my sheep who were supporting me on my old blog♥
So sorry for my mistakes in english. As I said, I'm still trying to learn it better so, I really do apoogize if I write something not gramatically correct.

I live in village but it got really dumb name so when people ask me where I live I always answer them that I live in one city near to that village. But I'm spending the most of the time in that city since I go to the school there. I go on Secondery Art School of Ladislav Bielik. That's the actual name of the school. Yep, I chose Art School because I'm interested in drawing. I love drawing but in those days I'm kinda losing mode of drawing. I just need to do so many works in school that's getting a bit boring already and also annoying. But maybe when I will finish them all my mode might come back! At least I hope. But even if I still done have this "mode" I can say that I will still like this hobby no matter what.

If I should say something about my look. I'm not really tall I have just 159 cm. I have (sadly) blonde fluffy hair (sometimes i wear them curly as sheep), brown eyes and I'm wearing glasses or I started to use lenses lately.
I'm sorry I really don't have better picture of myself right now ._. ) 

I'm the person who likes to try new things. I love sweet stuff, candies , COOKIES, cakes etc. But I don't eat them so much, because I was losing weight lately and was on some kind of diet and I just can't convince myself to eat them again as I used to. Just sometimes I'm successful with convincing but then I regret it so much.
Also I love any kind of fruits. But mostly strawberries, grapes and pears. And maybe really sweet red apples! I really do love food. I love watching tutorials of making any kind of dishes. But sadly I can't cook so I can just look on videos and cry that I can't make anything *tear*.

I'm the biggest lover of cats! I even used to have some. But ...uhm. My cat passed away lately so I don't have any cat anymore. Also her kittens just dissapeard..

In my free time I'm playing games but not that much as I used to because my friends aren't playing with me anymore just my boyfriend sometimes is. Also I hope that we will start to play together that much as we used to again!
Mostly I'm playing Overwatch, League of Legends, Osu! (well, I used to play it). So maybe if you are playing one of those games and also want to play with me just leave a comment and I have no problem to play with you c: I would be actually really happy.
Also in my free time I draw ,watch anime mostly with my boyfriend, series and I read books and manga.

I love cute things. I even used to once wear clothes as lolita because awwww I just loved it! But I kinda stopped because maybe i became thinner and just all the clothes are so big on me that I can't wear them anymore.. But not all of them ! I can still wear one skirt. But i can't wear it on my waist, I needed to put it all the way down but it still look good!
Well, I'm still planning to order some new lolita clothes because I want to start with this style again.

Right now I live my happy life with my boyfriend. We are in long distance relationship. I know that it's hard, but we are both surviving it and we are also happy. We will meet soon though! I'm really so excited ><. He is from Denmark and he is really the cutest and sweetest person I met in my life. I will write about him a lot there so you should prepare for it hehe.

So, I hope you've learned a little bit more about me. Also I hope that you did enjoy this article sheep. 

See you next time!

Oh, and I forgot to say. I also I love pastel colors, mostly purple, lavenders and art.

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