Tuesday, 13 December 2016

The start of week.

Hello cupcakes,
So it's been kinda while since I added something and I'm sorry for it. But, I think you would rather wait a while and get something good and interesting to read than got articles everyday about every stupid thing which come to my mind I guess.

So, the new week is ahead of us. Sadly. But, just this week and half and most of us will have winter vacation right? So let's connect our powers and let's survive it together! *Christmas hype*
Well, this week kinda won't be interesting for me. You know, it's all about the same. School , homeworks, unexpected naps etc.
But if I should be honest, the start of this week relieved my sweetest boyfriend♥. Yesterday, we kinda decided to watch anime together. Or better say, firstly we were about to watch film and it took to someone choose one film 4216317852 hours right? c: But we found the way to solve our problem and decided for anime. We watched "The seven deadly sins". (I highly recommend you this). We were watching it in bed together while we were talking throught skype. And aww, it just reminded me old times as we used to spend nights together like this on summer vacation ><. I just loved it even though I needed to wake up early in the morning and go to the school (he didn't need to because he had free day) and I can say, that it was really worth to be tired because I really did enjoyed this with him♥.

Well maybe for you it doesn't mean so much as for me, but I really did want to mention this and tell you about this as well.

Even today we spent day together. In evening when he was done with his homework we just called each other (I did call right, right?) and was talking and playing Overwatch together after long time. I really did miss playing with him. Since he became diamond in this game, I couldn´t play with him anymore ._. But, he made smurf account, so he can play with me again hehe♥. Well, but from Wednesday we won't be able to spend time together so much as we could now. He needs to do project for school which takes week and is really important for his grades. So everyone wish him a good luck!

Oh maybe I did say that nothing interesting won't happen this week but I should correct myself. Actually something interesting might happen tomorrow. On my school, 1st grade classes will have matriculation (also me). Ah well what can I say. I'm really so scared about it. My class and me needed to learn dance because our theme is "zombies" and we needed to learn dance choreography on song "Thriller" from Michael Jackson. But why we needed to learn it? Well, we are in one competition against 1.FO class (I'm in 1.GRV) and who will win, will make matriculation for the next 1st grade classes. I can just tell you now that we won't win it even though we tried so hard expect of some. Actually it's really sad that from 2O something people just 9 or 1O are coming there. But well, what can I do about it right? It's their problem, they won't have good memories I don't care.

(Still the main reason why I'm going there is just food and cakes hehehhehehhehehehehhe.) 
Well, I will try to make some pictures tomorrow and will write something about it there! It kinda might be fun. My friend from 2nd class will make make up of zombie on me early in the morning also will help me choose clothes so I'm really curious what she can do. I really do count on her!

Well, sheep. I just wish you to have nice week. Hope you enjoyed this article, also I really do hope that you had nice Monday.

See you tomorrow!

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